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Home of the Overcomers

One element of COF is City Baptist Schools (CB). CB is a K-12 school serving students from the greater Chicagoland area. CB was established in 1971 as a result of First Baptist Church Hammond’s bus ministry, whereby inner-city youth from the heart of Chicago were bussed in to church each Sunday. The need exists to fill significant education gaps in the Chicago public school system, and allow students to dream beyond their circumstances. Each day, approximately 125 of the 250 students are provided bus transportation from as far as 33 miles away, one way. Two meals are provided each day through a government subsidy. Each instructor is a college graduate, with several faculty members holding Master’s degrees. The investment in each student is personal, as every student receives an in-person visit by volunteers every Saturday, to ensure their health and welfare. Tuition payments are kept low, to allow more students to attend.


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